Originally from Istanbul born in 1975, Engin grew up in Germany and moved back to Turkey in his early twenties. After falling in love with House music - he started dj ing in Istanbul and then in Antalya and Oludeniz. For the past two years he has set up his recording studio in Istanbul and have been working on his mixes. Nowadays he has fully involved with BBR and he is in charge of the sound production and daily schedule of BBR. You can catch his live mixes everyday at BBR.


Dj Muhammet Kilic was born in Fethiye in 1985. His passion for music began when playing house tunes at beach parties with his two turntables and a mixer in the early 2000´s. His style is Deep House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, and Beach House…


Dj Hasan Murat started his djing career in the 90's at some local bars in clubs. he fastly builded up his reputation and standed out with his music style focusing on genres like chill out & lounge , disco , funk & soul , deep house , nu disco , house and tech house.


Dj Darren Wilkinson was born in Sunderland (UK) in 1980. Nowadays he lives in Brno (Czech Rep) as a DJ/Producer/Remixer at Hiast. Darrens music style is Tech/ Deep/ Funk/ Progressive and Tribal… He occasionally comes and visit us at Buzz and performs live at Buzz as well.


Dj Murat BatI was born in Istanbul in 1980. His passion for music began when he was young and intensified later, when he headed for electronic music. He started to make and share his own music with audiences. It wasn't long before he started receiving numerous job offers. In 2002, he started working for Zeus. Since then, he has been performing in the most popular clubs in Istanbul. Murat, whose music style is deep house, tech house, techno and progressive house, has become quite popular over the years. Despite his busy business life, he always gives importance to his audience and radio programs. He has continued to spend time on his studio performances. With an ever increasing rating, he is still continuing his studies and sharing his sets.


Dj Mert Onat was born in Istanbul in 1973. He deeply entered the music as an interest while he was attending to high school and he discovered how felt himself by the beauty of melodies of the tunes. His first rendevouz with music was a House tune that made him hang out more often with his club deejay friends just for getting better knowledge about becoming a good dj. In 1994, he decided to put all his mixing techniques in to practice that was captured so far from his friend Dj Tarkan and his cousin Dj Kerem Ozdemir. Ever since he has been pushing his classy style up and playing for the parties and for some local & internet radios. By 2006, he began to carry out the 2 hours live mixed show on ADN Alternative Radio and then started Proclubbinfm, Deepsoundsfm, Beattunes, Frisky radio & Pure FM etc. In 2012 he was started to make his own productions with his partner Mesutisci. Now, it's time for you to listen to Mert ONAT with his smooth musics & productions.


Dj Jack Mode A.K.A Oktay From was born in Silistre (Bulgaria) in 1979. Jack Mode moved to Istanbul in 1989 and began his musical career in 1996. Since then Jack Mode has performed in many clubs all around Turkey and abroad. He has started to produce in 2008 his own mixes and released the first single in 2009 under the name Oktay Kan. In 2010 and 2011 he has released two albums under the Elenor Music Label and also remixes in many other artists' albums. Jack Mode founded Istanbul Records in 2011. In 2013 he has started to use his actual Dj alias which is Jack Mode and I changed his musical line to the styles that he have always liked to play such as House, Deep House, Nu Disco. He has released my first track Static as Jack Mode in 2013.


Dj Bilgin Turel was born in Istanbulin 1981. He took his first experience in dj ing being a resident dj of Club +90 during the summer season. He made live performances in Bakirkoy Tats'y club and in HI-FI CLUB in 2003. During the year 2004 he worked with different sound companies and made live performances in different clubs and summer hotels. In 2008, working for STARAS TECHNICAL PRODUCTION he made tours being dj in major clubs. Nowadays working at home studio he continues with releasing new hits.


He was born in Istanbul in 1984, Shows at the beginning of the 90s Michael Jackson was rung her interest in popular music and dances of European origin. The first interest in electronic music began in the 2000s with Sasha, Sasha mix techniques attracted Ferhat Saygı. This excitement of music to help your pc softwares on the platform as well as the rules of mathematics and mix about 1 year of self-cultivation techniques offer the technical sense, then it has acquired over the years, with the same music as a double CD player and mixer and mix for about a year, rehearsal techniques, with applications to live had the opportunity. Garage club in 2003, the first live performance by showing the deep progressive house style has won acclaim. 2004 - 2006 Ferhat music as a period of military service breaks in between, since 2006: Nu Disco, Deep House, Tech House styles in the world and has proven itself by dj and producers continue to follow the works inspired by their work to the present day. Fantastic mix technique is quite trust that has proven itself in recent years in Turkey and around the world accompanied by DJ producers would like to see. Producer for the first time in his career in 2012, has taken steps using Ableton, and in recent years Esge Nivanoise & Cem Esgen - Melodrama (Ferhat Saygı intro mix) was his first work release from Sound Lab Records and producer said hello to her career. Ferhat been continuing the work of production and is currently the location of various radio and club programs.